HyperloopTT-Powered Joint Venture ‘Hyper Transfer’ Begins in Italy

Breaking barriers

Vision challenges conformity. Conformity creates conventions. Conventions build barriers that prevent a better future.

But when many people who believe in that vision come together, they remove the barriers to progress. HyperloopTT has brought together a global team to create a frictionless world. By removing the financial, technological, safety and environmental risks, and by removing the wasted time, stress, and complications of travel, we are taking the world where it wants to go.

We’re moving the world faster forward. Get on board.

Faster forward

In a very short time HyperloopTT has already:

  • Built the first full-scale test track and capsule fuselage
  • Developed passenger and cargo applications
  • Filed over 60 patents
  • Became the first company to provide the insurance framework and certification guidelines necessary for commercialization
  • Signed agreements with governments around the world
  • First hyperloop company to be awarded a public tender to develop a commercial prototype

We’re going there. And taking the world with us.

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