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We are accelerating our engineering efforts to develop commercial hyperloop systems.

In an agreement announced today, HyperloopTT is partnering with world-leading engineering and R&D services provider Capgemini Engineering (Previously Altran) to expand the resources of the team designing and building the world’s first commercial hyperloop system.

Developing hyperloop systems requires integrating existing transportation technology and finding innovative solutions that ensure our system is passenger-centric, safe and efficient. Capgemini Engineering’s experience working across transportation sectors brings critical automotive, aeronautics, space, rail and infrastructure expertise to HyperloopTT that will greatly accelerate our work. 

Following the agreement, I have assumed a new role at HyperloopTT as Chief Engineering Officer.

My HyperloopTT journey

Since being founded in 2013 as the first company pursuing hyperloop systems, HyperloopTT has relied on an expert staff and a global network of contributors and partners to make technological advancements.

I began contributing to HyperloopTT in 2015 as a Senior Engineering Specialist while I was a professor at NC State University. In my five years at HyperloopTT, I have overseen significant technical advancements powered by our collaborative ecosystem.

In my initial role, I led a team of engineers defining the HyperloopTT system infrastructure requirements. We designed the complete HyperloopTT system architecture integrating structural, power, propulsion and control systems. Concurrently, I led the conceptual design of our full-scale tubes, evaluating various materials and structural methods for application to our unique environment. My work on infrastructure includes overseeing our successful partnership with Leybold to create our modular vacuum solution.

In April of 2017, I joined HyperloopTT full-time as the Head of Engineering Integration, ensuring that our engineering teams and partners met safety, performance and cost requirements while developing and integrating technology solutions for commercial systems. In 2018, we completed the world’s first passenger capsule fuselage, and in 2019, we began testing in Toulouse, France at the world’s only full-scale hyperloop test system.

These milestones have been possible thanks to the power of our unique approach to collaboration. I have seen the power of combining the expertise of full-time employees, contractors, contributors and technical experts working within our partner companies. Now, we further leverage this model by increasing and accelerating our engineering capacity in an agile way with the addition of Capgemini Engineering’s expert engineering resources.

Adding Capgemini Engineering’s expertise

Capgemini Engineering’s experience in systems engineering, aerospace engineering, and other transportation systems brings critical expertise as we advance the design of commercial hyperloop systems.

To begin the partnership, Capgemini Engineering’s engineers will assist HyperloopTT staff, contributors, and partners with Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Safety Analyses, In-Service Operations and Integrated Logistics Support to accelerate commercial systems development. This will include the verification and validation of system requirements, with specific attention focused on safety requirements as needed to certify commercial systems.

As our collaboration progresses, we will continue to refine the integration of our capsule and infrastructure systems with station technologies and systems control. Along the way, we will be embedding key learning from the safety and certification guidelines created in partnership with TÜV SÜD to ensure the highest standard of passenger safety. By the conclusion of the current agreement with Capgemini Engineering, we expect to have made significant progress in the design maturity of HyperloopTT systems, leading to commercial deployment.

I am energized by the addition of Capgemini Engineering’s expertise and capabilities to our talented team of engineers working at our full-scale test track in Toulouse and around the world. The start of this partnership represents an important milestone as we prepare to launch commercial HyperloopTT systems.

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Ben Cooke

HyperloopTT Head of Media Relations


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