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Over the coming weeks, HyperloopTT is releasing limited edition one-of-one NFT travel posters celebrating  the role of Chicago, Cleveland and Pittsburgh in the world’s most advanced hyperloop project. Inspired by tomorrow’s adventures, the NFT collection brings commercialization-ready technology to life by combining futuristic hyperloop travel with each city’s iconic character and skyline. 

Embracing the spirit of adventure from another era

Throughout history, in moments of critical need, humanity came together to dream of a better future. Following the Great Depression of the 1920s, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) commissioned more than 2 million posters in 35,000 designs to stir the public’s imagination for education, theater, health, safety and the nation’s National Parks. Simple designs eliminated unnecessary detail and focused on progress at a critical time of development.

Today, the world is at a similar inflection point. Transportation is the fastest-growing cause of CO2 emissions, and the world has been shaken to its core by a global pandemic. As a result, the international community is mobilizing to address climate change and promote a more sustainable future. 

HyperloopTT is doing its part to inspire the next generation of sustainable high-speed adventures. Drawing from the WPA’s awe-inspiring national park travel posters and iconic Pan America Airways posters of the same era, HyperloopTT is returning imagination and wonder to travel.

Our current travel experience is full of middle seats, long delays and carbon emissions. As a result, we’ve lost the sense of adventure that travel posters of the past promised. The world is ready for human-centric travel that returns a sense of humanity to the way we move. Powered by predictive analytics and cutting-edge technology, hyperloop travel will usher in a renewed sense of adventure. 

Unlocking human mobility for generations to come

To travel sustainably today, ride a bike. To travel sustainably tomorrow, ride a hyperloop. At HyperloopTT, we are creating the most efficient form of travel ever invented to connect city centers in minutes instead of hours sustainably. 

HyperloopTT’s Great Lakes Hyperloop connecting Chicago, Cleveland and Pittsburgh is the world’s most advanced commercial hyperloop system. Environmentally, the system replaces 143 million tons of CO2 over 25 years, equivalent to removing more than 1 million cars from roadways every year. Economically, the system increases regional income by $47.6 B without requiring operational government subsidies. 

Affordable and sustainable high-speed travel will redefine human mobility. Gone are the days lost every year sitting in hours-long traffic jams, replaced by personalized journeys enabling people to live in one city and work in another. 

The future of travel is designed today, and the cities of Chicago, Cleveland and Pittsburgh are leading the way. So step into the future with HyperloopTT’s limited edition one-of-one NFT travel posters. Dropping July 13, 2021, on

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Ben Cooke

HyperloopTT Head of Media Relations


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