HyperloopTT Unveils Second Full-Scale Capsule at MWC in Barcelona




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HyperloopTT has unveiled its second full-scale capsule fuselage at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, allowing attendees to experience the capsule’s innovative materials, structure, and interior up close and personal.

The exhibit also showcases interior mockups developed in collaboration with Elisava, a renowned School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona. The design reflects the school’s innovative and sustainable approach to design, which is based on a deep understanding of materials and their properties.

USM, a Swiss company specializing in modular furniture systems, provided cutting-edge displays for the event.

Additionally, attendees could explore Mobility City, which is currently hosting a HyperloopTT exhibit at their mobility-focused museum in Zaragoza, Spain. It offers a glimpse into the future of transportation and showcasing the latest technologies shaping the mobility landscape.

The event attracted a diverse range of visitors from around the world, including investors, policymakers, and transportation experts. King Felipe VI was also in attendance and visited the HyperloopTT capsule. 

During his speech at the event, HyperloopTT’s CEO, Andrés de León, expressed his enthusiasm about the unveiling: “We are thrilled to be unveiling our second full-scale capsule fuselage here at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This event provides an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our technology and demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and collaboration.”

The second full-scale capsule fuselage’s unveiling marks a significant milestone for HyperloopTT as the company moves closer to realizing its vision of revolutionizing transportation. The Hyperloop system is designed to be a fast, safe, and sustainable mode of transportation that can connect cities and regions worldwide, reducing travel time and congestion while minimizing the impact on the environment.

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