The future is now boarding

With the convenience of a private jet, the speed of a commercial airliner, the comfort of your living room, and the technologies of the future built in, hyperloop is here. HyperloopTT for the first time unveils how you will experience the next generation of travel. 

Reimagined journey

Hyperloop is a new form of transportation giving us the opportunity to reimagine the passenger experience. Designed class-free, each passenger’s space is fully personalized to provide a welcoming and immersive travel experience where technology becomes an extension of the physical space.

Unparalleled experience for mass transportation

The layout presents an interchangeable modular approach with a zig-zag layout and a social area that creates an open space. The artificial skylight features daytime and nighttime modes and gives the feeling of natural lighting. Digital wayfinding leads passengers through the cabin with personal luggage compartments, a snack bar, and a lavatory, and includes accommodations for assisted travelers.

Personal travel space

Once seated, passengers will be able to personalize their micro-environment around the seat through embedded controls for temperature, seat recline and footrests, pop-out trays with individual tablets, foldable arm rests, carry-on storage space, and embedded headrest speakers. Through biometric identification, passengers have the ability to mirror personal data by pairing their device with in-capsule displays.

Shared experience

One of the most unique features of the interior is the social zone in the center of the cabin which allows for a shared experience. Adapted for a larger travel group, the open space lets passengers connect, socialize, or just relax. The two benches can accommodate up to 6 passengers and also serves as a transition to divide the capsule into smaller units for a more pleasant ambience.

Class-free and personalized

The inclusive cabin is designed as a class-free and personalized environment with a focus on comfort, entertainment and productivity. Fully integrated into the design and embedded into materials, technologies are hidden to provide a human-centric experience. Using biometric sensors, passengers are able to access services via a digital marketplace throughout the entire journey and seamlessly resume where they left off before traveling.

Beyond a vision and blueprint

This design is more than just a concept, we are building it. HyperloopTT unveiled a five-meter section of the cabin interior and a virtual reality experience. For the very first time, people were able to see and feel what it will be like to sit inside a HyperloopTT passenger capsule.

Designed for commercial deployment

The cabin has a capacity of 30 passengers and includes accommodations for assisted travelers. Amenities include luggage compartments, a snack bar and a lavatory. The interior is made of durable and sustainable materials such as flecked fabric based on nylon, polyester recycled organic cotton, synthetic textile and microfiber. The touches of FSC certified wood bring nature and warmth into the innovative design while minimizing the ecological impact.