Port of Hamburg, Germany

HyperPort cargo solution

HyperloopTT has created a joint venture with Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) to develop a sustainable high-speed cargo solution using hyperloop technology for port and inland shipping container operations.

The HyperPort cargo solution aims to efficiently transport shipping containers from ports to major inland shipping destinations, facilitating off-the-dock logistics. Engineered to meet industry standards, this system operates within an enclosed environment, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and worker safety.

Designed by award-winning firm Mormedi, the HyperPort capsules can sustainably transport two 20-foot containers or one larger container at airplane speeds. Over 20,000 engineering hours, in collaboration with HHLA and CT Ingenieros, have been dedicated to completing the concept, models, trade-off studies, design optimizations, and integrations. The HyperPort VR demonstrator was presented at the ITS World Congress.

The HyperPort system is currently undergoing optimization for prototyping and commercial deployment, with plans to connect ports to the broader hyperloop network for long-haul automated container handling.