Hitachi Rail joins HyperloopTT to create a high-speed traffic management system




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Today, HyperloopTT is welcoming Hitachi Rail to our expanding list of industry-leading partners. Hitachi Rail is investing in HyperloopTT, and we will work together to innovate their current ERTMS certified signaling system for hyperloop operation.

The addition of Hitachi Rail’s expertise and technology to our system development exemplifies our ability to unlock significant technical advancements with minimal investment. Throughout our partnership, we will collaborate to develop the entire Traffic Management System (TMS) for HyperloopTT. 

Used to safely move millions of passengers every year throughout Europe and Asia, Hitachi Rail’s highly interoperable technology will serve as the basis for high-speed hyperloop signaling. The co-developed HyperloopTT TMS will safely regulate and control the operation of capsules both in our stations and moving at speeds up to 1,200 km/h throughout our tube infrastructure. We will begin signaling systems integration at the HyperloopTT Research & Development Center at Aerospace Valley in Toulouse, France. 

Building the future of transportation on existing technologies

At HyperloopTT, our approach to innovation has always been to find best-in-class solutions and adapt them to the specific requirements of hyperloop travel. In the past, we’ve used this approach to develop our modular vacuum solution with Leybold and our proprietary InductrackTM passive magnetic levitation technology, which was pioneered for 20 years at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

By developing our system upon existing TMS technology, we already have access to most, if not all, functionalities required for our first-generation commercial systems. Starting from Hitachi Rail’s best-in-class technology accelerates our commercialization timeline by simplifying the complexity of certification. This capital-efficient method of innovation ensures HyperloopTT’s long-term prosperity as we pursue the creation of the first new form of transportation in a century.   

Our partnership with Hitachi Rail, a world leader in TMS technology, strengthens our commitment to developing safe hyperloop systems and builds upon our previous work developing the only insurance framework for commercial hyperloop systems and creating generic certification and safety guidelines aiding the development of unified hyperloop industry regulation.

Traditional industries embrace hyperloop 

As a leader in future mobility technologies, Hitachi Rail’s decision to invest in hyperloop technology with this partnership’s agreement signals the company strives to be at the forefront of innovation by developing cutting edge technology in the transportation industry.

Hyperloop systems are designed to complement current transportation options and increase efficiency, reliability and sustainability. As a technology creator and licensor, our unique model allows us to partner with current and future operators to create systems that support currently overloaded infrastructure. 

The addition of Hitachi Rail to our partner network shows how we plan to work together with current transportation leaders to redefine our modern transportation experience. 

Commercial hyperloop systems are coming. Both the United States and European Union included hyperloop in broad post-pandemic economic recovery plans and the United States Department of Transportation officially assigned hyperloop a regulatory home under the Federal Railroad Administration.

These developments followed our release of the Great Lakes Hyperloop Feasibility Study, which demonstrated our system’s ability to ignite economic growth. As we continue to make technological advancements and prepare for the commercialization of hyperloop systems, we expect more transportation companies to join our efforts to create a fifth mode of transportation.

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Ben Cooke

HyperloopTT Head of Media Relations


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