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Right now, the world sits at an inflection point of change. 

A renewed understanding of human fragility has shown us the importance of healing our planet from years of abuse. Personally, I have been inspired by a growing commitment among the business community to achieve net-zero operations. While for years the conversation has been focused on changing consumer habits, the hard truth is that corporations generate the majority of global emissions. 

At this critical moment in human history, it is a company’s moral responsibility to understand the ways they are impacting their environment and communities and respond with direct actions to eliminate that impact.

As one of the organizations driving large-scale infrastructure innovation, it is HyperloopTT’s responsibility to create a future that meets societal needs without compromising future generations’ prosperity. Committing to future generations requires addressing widespread societal challenges and as a transportation company, the most pressing in our industry is our impact on the environment.

Sustainability is a journey. Along the way, we have learned that committing to our environment extends beyond simply reducing emissions. That’s why we are going beyond carbon neutrality and aiming to create a net-positive impact on our communities for the long-term health of our planet. 

HyperloopTT’s future success will be measured equally by our commitment to social justice, environmental stewardship, and economic prosperity. I invite you to adopt our net-positive approach in everything you do and follow-us as we continue to pioneer sustainable transportation that serves the common good. 

Today, HyperloopTT is announcing our participation in the United Nations Global Compact for sustainable business development. Together, we will work with the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative to increase environmental transparency and knowledge throughout our partner network. When the world invests in pioneers, humanity moves forward.

HyperloopTT is pioneering a sustainable future.

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Ben Cooke

HyperloopTT Head of Media Relations

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