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JumpStartFund-backed ‘HyperloopTT Inc.’ to publish next hyperloop development milestones

Newly created company partners with ANSYS, GLOCAL and UCLA Architecture and Urban Design to develop Revolutionary transportation idea


JumpStartFund, a crowd-powered online incubator, today announced that its community members have voted and overwhelmingly agreed on the name of the newly created company that will bring the Hyperloop concept to life. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc., which is being led by Dr. Marco Villa and Dr. Patricia Galloway, will start operating immediately and is making the next Hyperloop Development Milestones available in an effort to provide a cohesive view of the upcoming effort surrounding the project and to stimulate feedback from the community.

Since the last announcement on September 26, 2013 surrounding this project, JumpStartFund-backed Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. has reached agreements with ANSYS, who previously released the results of internally funded independent analysis aimed to verify the overall feasibility of the Hyperloop, GloCal Network Corporation (GLOCAL), who will make its resources available to provide support in two of the project’s main areas – “Manufacturing” and “Supply and Value Chain,” and UCLA Architecture and Urban Design’s graduate program SUPRASTUDIO, who will speculate where the stations in pair cities could be based, what the urban planning around those areas might look like, investigate design matters related to traveler experience – including station design, vessel design and addressing “last mile” solutions – and finally, how such a project could be brought to light.

“The Hyperloop is a unique, unprecedented concept, which will need rapid development and evaluation of numerous design concepts for all subsystems – a task greatly facilitated by simulation technology,” said Dr. Sandeep Sovani, director of automotive and ground transportation industry at ANSYS. “At ANSYS, we have already virtually tested an initial concept of the Hyperloop, using our highly mature simulation technology that is used today by major manufacturers of aircraft, rockets, trains and automobiles. We are excited about the Hyperloop project and are planning to make our software available to the development team at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc.”

“We jumped on this once in a lifetime opportunity to work with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc.,” said Professor James Dimitrios Constantine Seferis, chairman of the board and executive director of GloCal Network Corporation. “As a world leader in advanced materials and processes, our skill set is the perfect match to help the development team bring this project to life.”

UCLA Architecture and Urban Design Chair Hitoshi Abe states, “As with all innovations of this scale, it’s not the technology itself that is the most important, but how cities and people change because of the technology, and how these changes are reflected in the urban environment.”

“What we have experienced in the last few weeks is more than memorable,” said Dr. Marco Villa. “We had the privilege to be in many calls with incredibly talented individuals and organizations, all of which shared the excitement and positive attitude toward this project. Once the final list is compiled and made public, I am sure many people will be incredulous to the level of talent that we have been able to attract.”

As an additional confirmation of the general interest around the project, JumpStartFund is now inundated by applications from the community who want to join the team. Interested applicants can apply directly on

“Truly amazing talent is reaching out and wanting to be part of this first-of-a-kind megaproject and the fifth dimension of transportation,” said Dr. Patricia Galloway. “I am so excited and proud to be working with an experienced and passionate team of individuals who are believers in making dreams come true. This company and its project is truly groundbreaking and will forever change the way we design and build the state-of-the-art megaprojects of the future.”

“The mere fact that global leaders such as ANSYS, GLOCAL and UCLA have agreed to partner with us along with the quality of applicants who have applied to be part of this project is overwhelming,” said Dirk Ahlborn, CEO and founder of JumpStartFund. “It’s truly great to see that our community driven concept of bringing ideas to life really works!”

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